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Our Brands

Symbio Professional Range

The Symbio Professional Range is a limited collection of our premium products. Packaged in 2 x 5 litre 15 litre and 200 litre (where required) with optional Saf-T-Flo options, concentrates in 2 Litre and a ready to use pack, we cover every requirement you could have.

Symbio Commercial Hygiene Range

Our Commercial Hygiene Range is designed for the Food Processing Sector. Including Dairy, Red and White Meat, Seafood, Baking and many other food processing industries. Specifically designed products where stringent quality and optimum results are paramount. Fully supported with experienced industry service and appropriate dispensing and monitoring equipment.

QMI Range

High-quality innovational cleaning chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting hospitals, medical centres, dental clinics, and medical equipments. Removing soil, disinfecting and cleaning on a microbiological level.

THS Range

Comprehensive / Bring Your Own Brand (BYOB)

The THS Range is our most comprehensive with products to suit every market and a range of pack sizes. Multiple options for many products applications and you can purchase with our THS Label or have your own labels applied.

Go Green Range


The Go Green Range is our latest in aiming to minimise environmental impact and yet still give great cleaning results. Formulated to be a s gentle as possible but still give you the clean you need

C3 Range


The C3 Range is designed for the cost conscious, a limited range and only made to order. Still good enough to compete in the commercial market but priced to live up to its name (C3 - Cost Control Chemicals).