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Go Green Range

  • Amazon

    Oven and Grillplate Cleaner

    Go Green Amazon is a non caustic solution designed to dissolve the toughest grease, grime, fat and carbonised deposits found in ovens, hotplates, rangehoods, deep fryers and other heavy duty cooking equipment. Safe to use on stainless steel equipment. Can be prepared into bottles with a flip cap or spray trigger.


  • Cove

    Glass washing Detergent

    Go Green Cove is designed to be used in commercial style glasswashers and light duty dishwashers for the washing of glassware, crockery, cutlery and utensils. Cove is also safe to use on polycarbonate items. Compatible will all glasswasher types.


  • Daintree

    Floor Cleaner and Degreaser

    Go Green Daintree is a versatile cleaner designed to dissolve grease,grime,oils and other heavy soils. Does not contain fragrance that could potentially contaminate food products. Primarily used to clean floors and can also be used on benches, walls, rangehoods and other hard surfaces. Used in spray bottles or buckets for mopping/scrubbing.


  • Dew

    Total Bathroom Cleaner

    Go Green Dew is a heavy duty cleaner for use on all surfaces in the bathroom area such as shower screens, tiles, fibreglass, toilets, sinks, urinals and tiled surfaces. Provides hygenic conditions in the washroom area. Used through a bottle with flip top squirt cap or a bucket for mopping/scrubbing.


  • Eco

    Food Grade Concentrated Sanitiser

    Go Green Eco is a concentrated sanitiser that provides excellent bactericidal properties. Aimed at harmful bacteria like E-coli and salmonella, no rinsing is necessary when diluted as instructed. Can be used to sanitize benches, walls ,equipment parts, utensils, filters and other hard surfaces.


  • Enzymatic

    Odour Neutraliser

    Enzymatic is an organic product manufactured from a complex blend of fermented carbohydrates and other plant derived substances. Enzymatic reduces offensive odours arising from the decomposition of greases, fats and other animal and plant material. Enzymatic works by enhancing the activity of micro-organisms naturally present in animal and plant residues.


  • Evolve

    Multipurpose Neutral Cleaner

    Go Green Evolve is designed to clean and help preserve the life and durability of any sealer finish applied to floors and can also be used as a general purpose spray and wipe cleaner. Can effectively clean any polished or non-polished floor. Evolve may be applied by mop and bucket or by an automatic scrubber.


  • Ocean

    Laundry Soaker

    Go Green Ocean is a laundry pre-soaking powder used before the main wash cycle to remove stubborn stains and sanitise items in one application. Very effective on food stains and greasy residues. Leaves your whites looking whiter and brighter and your colours looking brilliant.


  • Rain

    Automatic Dishwashing Rinse Aid

    Go Green Rain is designed for use in dishwashing machines fitted with an automatic chemical dispenser. Aids in the drying process of machine washed articles to leave free from water marks, spots and streaks. Compatible with all dishwasher types.


  • Rainbow

    Multipurpose Cleaner and Sanitiser

    Go Green Rainbow is a powerful spray and wipe and commercial grade sanitiser in one. Rainbow cleans, sanitises and deodorises in one application. Used to remove soils from walls, fixtures, benches and floors.


  • Sunray

    Window/Glass/Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Go Green Sunray provides a brilliant crystal appearance on all glass, enamel, plastic laminate, porcelain chrome plated and stainless steel surfaces. Dries streak free and leaves a protective dirt-resistant film to help prevent re-soiling, also suitable for washroom areas eg mirrors and fixtures.


  • Sunset

    Manual Dishwashing Liquid and General Purpose Detergent

    Go Green Sunset is designed to dissolve the toughest grease and grime found in busy kitchens, will leave your crockery, cutlery and cookware sparkling clean. Can also be used to wash down benches, walls and equipment. Can be prepared in sinks or buckets.


  • Tropic

    Laundry Powder

    Go Green Tropic is designed to remove soils commonly found in textiles such as grease and fats, blood, grass and other stubborn stains. Features a fresh fragrance that leaves your garments smelling fantastic and will not adversely effect septic systems. Suitable for all types of machines including front loaders.


  • Wave

    Automatic Dishwashing Liquid

    Go Green Wave is a premium concentrated liquid detergent designed for use in dishwashing machines fitted with an automatic chemical dispenser. Wave will dissolve grease, grime and food residue leaving your items sparkling clean. Compatible with all dishwasher types.