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Food Processing

  • Agro

    Multipurpose Heavy Duty Cleaner

    A highly concentrated solvent based hard surface cleaner designed to penetrate the toughest soils and grease.


  • Avalanche

    Automatic Dish Liquid

    Commercial grade high alkaline dish washing liquid for use in commercial automatic dishwashing machines. It is designed for maximum results in all water conditions.


  • Boost

    Oxygenated Destainer Sanitiser

    Designed for a wide range of applications where bleaching and sanitisation is required. A versatile powder ideal for use in commercial machines, soaking and spot cleaning.


  • Chef

    Oven & Grill Cleaner

    Concentrated heavy duty, simple to use product specifically formulated to provide highly effective maintenance for ovens, stoves and grill tops. Safe to use on iron, steel, porcelain and glass.


  • Clean Hands

    Foaming Hand and Body Wash

    A premium hand soap and total body wash designed to foam instantly leaving a pleasant crisp fragrance.

    Clean Hands

  • Cobra

    Oven Cleaner

    Designed specifically for removing fat, grease, carbon and food residues from combination steamer ovens. A low caustic solution that will not adversely affect the interior finish of the oven. Foams well for a superior clean.


  • Dynamite

    Thickened Bleach

    A thickened, chlorinated alkaline cleaner designed to cling to surfaces to destroy germs and remove mould and stains. Eliminates odours in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. Cleans and sanitises in one application.


  • Hygiene Hands

    Anti-Microbial Foaming Hand Wash

    HYGIENE HANDS is an economical non-perfumed, anti-microbial foaming hand wash, suitable for food handling applications.

    Hygiene Hands

  • Knight

    General Purpose and Window Cleaner

    High quality neutral pH cleaner. Fragrance Free. Specially formulated for use on all hard surfaces, including glass.


  • Protect


    Non rinse air drying sanitiser for use in all food production and preparation areas where hospital grade disinfection is required. Also suitable as general spray and wipe.


  • Safe Hands

    Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap

    A fragranced foaming hand soap with antibacterial properties. Sealed pouches prevent the intrusion of bacteria and cross-contamination.

    Safe Hands

  • Sani Hands

    Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

    A foaming hand sanitiser with antibacterial properties, designed for use without the need for soap or water. Sealed pouches prevent the intrusion of bacteria and cross-contamination. Fragrance free.

    Sani Hands

  • Scale X

    Descaing Liquid

    Organic phosphoric acid solution. Highly effective in the removal of scale, grime and mineral deposits from a variety of surfaces.

    Scale X

  • Typhoon

    Chlorinated Cleaner Sanitiser

    Concentrated, grease cutting chlorinated sanitiser formulated to provide a dense cleaning and sanitising foam which penetrates heavy build ups of grease, fat and oil found in commercial kitchens and food processing areas. Suitable for use on most hard surfaces.