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Cleaning used to be boring, since COVID the world has realised what an important role the cleanliness of a space can have on business; and getting it right has never been so important. For almost 50 years, Symbio has dedicated itself to locally manufacturing high-quality cleaning detergents and chemicals. At Symbio, product excellence and customer care are our main focus.
No matter your business needs, we have products that meet and exceed anything you can buy in Australia. Because we believe everyone should have access to the best cleaning chemicals and detergents to give you that Symbio advantage.

Why Use Symbio

At Symbio, we provide tried and tested high-grade premium cleaning solutions directly to our clients. We are proud to be Australian owned and manufactured, which is why all of our products are made at our South-East Queensland head-quarters.

But we don’t just stop there, along with thousands of cleaning solutions to choose from, the team at Symbio will help you utilise your products to their full capabilities. We provide expert knowledge on chemical training and support for your staff through our own chemical training platform,

We’ll not only supply you with the equipment you need, but we’ll also make sure it stays working for you with the help of our specialised technicians.


The word SYMBIO is derived from the word symbiotic, meaning a close and prolonged relationship that may benefit each member, a relationship between people or organisations that depend on each other equally.