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Department of Education (QLD) – Cleaning Chemicals & Consumables
Supplier of Choice / Tender Holder 2021-2024
The education sector is one of the most challenging to keep clean, and yet one of the most important to remain operational no matter what the world throws at us. Working directly with the manufacturer ensures you’re using the best and right product for all your unique cleaning need. In addition, you have access to our advanced knowledge of cleaning chemicals, our chemist, training programs as well as ongoing technical support.
Symbio are your partners in cleaning, we know that protecting your school is vital to keep germ, virus, bacteria, and mould free, all the while in a safe way for staff and children. It’s a delicate balance and one we do daily for some of Australia’s largest educational facilities.

Did you know that you could clean up to 90% of areas with our Multi-Purpose Cleaner?









At Symbio we work with you as partners. You can buy directly from Symbio Direct or book a FREE cleaning need assessment and consult with our technical team. You may find we can reduce your costs and how many cleaning products you need to stock.

Top Picks - Education Cleaning Chemicals

Alcohol Cleaner
Organic Acid Multi Purpose Cleaner
Bleaching Agent and Disinfectant
Premium Laundry Liquid
Multi Purpose Cleaner
Biological Drain Maintainer
Non Rinse Sanitiser
Abrasive Hard Surface Cleaner
Graffiti Remover

Product Highlight

EXPEL - Keeping our kids smarter

DID YOU KNOW? According to Chewing Gum Facts “Mental tasks are done 20% more effectively while chewing gum, which makes students “smarter.” Chewing should be allowed, especially during extensive tests. Kids who chew gum during tests do 26% to 36% better.
Chewing gum soothes students’ minds so that they can learn more in school.”

Next school test, let the kids excel because you have the expel.

Everything Your Need in 1 Place

We may be the experts in cleaning, but we are also committed and focused on how we can make your day a little easier, which is why we created Symbio Direct, an online portal where you can find our top-selling range of premium cleaning solutions as well as everything else you could need like cleaning consumables, applicators and office consumable needs.

With over 10,000 cleaning solutions on file, we have what you need. Don’t waste time, call or message us now….. lets’s chat!

True Partners in Cleanliness

For almost 50 years, Symbio has been committed to creating partnerships with its customers. We are the manufacturer behind brands you know created under our white label offering. Working direct with the manufacturer to have advanced access to our customer care initiatives, such as:

  • How 2 videos – make sure your team gets the most out of every clean with our instructional use videos.
  • All products come with safety datasheets, installation and informational sheets, brochures and hazard charts.
  • Chemical Training & Services (CTS) – in the world of ever-changing regulations, staying on top of training is paramount. Our CTS platform provides online training to all staff, with Certificates of Completion emailed directly to the nominated recipient/s and stored for the user to keep.
  • Onsite technical support – we work onsite with many clients with complex cleaning needs. We are here to support your team as well. Lets chat!

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Community Inclusion is our WHY!

At Symbio, we believe that family and community are our purpose. We are proud partners with Orange Sky who provide mobile laundry support and connection for the vunerable throughout Australia. Since its inception in 2014, Symbio have been providing the laundry detergents required to keep this amazing charity operational.

To date, Orange Sky has provided Australians doing it tough with over 1.9 million kilograms of free laundry, 20,000 showers and 330,000 hours of genuine and non-judgemental conversation across 36 service locations.