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Chemical Training & Service

Symbio’s Chemical Training and Service (CTS) is the ultimate resource for training staff on the correct and efficient use of chemicals, and servicing your cleaning equipment, to ensure the best cleaning outcome.

Symbio works with you to find the perfect cleaning solution, and if we don’t have something that meets your standards already available, we work with you to create the perfect formulation for any and all applications, in any industry, and that’s the Symbio Difference.

With cleaning standards set for each industry, and every application, CTS is available to you at all times so you and your team can stay up to date. With Certificates of Completion provided to staff that complete their training, so you can be assured that your team have the support and knowledge they need to fulfil their duties.

Along with the training of chemicals and best practices, is our range of services, available to all. With our services, our CTS techs do all entry’s electronically, which is instantly reported to the nominated individual.

Making it Easy

At Symbio, we provide tried and tested high-grade premium cleaning solutions directly to our clients. We are proud to be Australian owned and manufactured, which is why all of our products are made at our South-East Queensland head-quarters.

But we don’t just stop there, along with thousands of cleaning solutions to choose from, the team at Symbio will help you utilise your products to their full capabilities. We provide expert knowledge on chemical training and support for your staff through our own chemical training platform,

We’ll not only supply you with the equipment you need, but we’ll also make sure it stays working for you with the help of our specialised technicians.

From Chemicals to Reporting

To ensure safety and security of your team and establishment, Symbio can also provide an audit of the facility, the equipment and the chemicals used; to identify any concerns or issues, such as the equipment dispensing correctly as well as the correct dilution is used, as overdosing is as dangerous as underdosing.

As well as identifying foreign contaminates and environmental factors that may also be impacting your business from its daily operations.